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Service 1

Advise the best shipping methods

We advise the best shipping methods to suit your needs, either RO/RO, Containerised Cargo, or shipped LCL.
We provide a range of ocean freight and logistics services for all your import and export requirements to any country.


Service 2

Arrange Shipment

We offer a one-stop package service which provides you with a range of quick and reliable shipping services to suit your vehicle or cargo, your timetable and budget.

  • Customs Clearance and preparation of Shipping Documents

  • Marine Insurance

  • Bookings

  • Vehicle Inspection / Maintenance before shipping

Service 3

Cooperative companies in japan and all over the world.

Kanaloa Shipping Co.,Ltd has partner companies in Japan, Australia and New Zealand and also access to a network of agencies all over the world. This way we can provide a smooth and fast service for booking shipings, preparing documents, vehicle inspections and maintenance before the vehicle departs.
Our yards are located at all the main ports in Japan, Australia and New Zeleand, so we are always in control of your shipment and ensure the process is smooth.

  • japan

    Our yards located at main ports in japan.
    (Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kisarazu, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, Moji, Hakata.)

  • global

    Export/Import countries

    Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia,etc.
    Africa, Europe, Central America, South America, Asian countries.

Service 4

Various services

We can provide various services to meet your needs and budget. With our many years of experience and knowledge, nothing is too big of a job for us to help you with.

  • service01
    Inland transport service
    We provide inland transport service from auction sites to the yards.
  • service02
    Storage yards
    We provide storage service at different yards which located at different ports.
  • service03
    Photo service
    We provide photo service if required.
  • service04
    Maintenance and repair service
    We have a fully equipped auto repair workshop and qualified staff to handle all kinds of repair work and maintenance to meet your requirement and budget.
    *Car cleaning service is also available
  • service05
    Pre-Cleaning Service
    We provide Customs Approved pre-cleaning in Japan for vehicles into Australia and New Zealand.
  • service06
    Quarantine inspection service
    We provide many kinds of quarantine inspection services to meet the requirement of different countries, DAFF or MAF etc.
  • service07
    Pre-shipment Inspection/ certificate issue
    We arrange pre-shipment inspection and issue the certificates/ documents to meet the requirement for different countries, JAAI、EAA、JEVIC 、QISJ etc.
  • service08
    Our experienced vanning staff will load your vehicles or cargoes speedy, safely, and securely.
*Some of the ports or locations are not available, please contact us for detail.


We are the specialist shipping company for used vehicles.

We (Kanaloa Shipping Co.,Ltd.) provide various shipping and logistics services for used vehicles/cargoes. Organize shipment, yard storage, pre-shipment inspection,prepare shipping documents etc. We offer a package of one-stop logistics services and ensure the process of import/export smoothly. Our yards located at all the main ports in Japan and also have an excellent network with cooperate companies in Australia and New Zealand.
We are logistic specialist and we are able to advise you if you have no experience of import/ export vehicles / cargoes.
We feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

Kanaloa Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Company name
Kanaloa Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
7F 5th F.P.S Bldg., 3-19-23, Marunouchi,
Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0002 Japan
TEL 81-52-753-9086
FAX 81-52-753-9087
Google Map >>
Osaka Branch
6F Wakasugi Bldg., 1-18-18, Nakatsu,
Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0071 Japan
TEL 81-6-6131-6695
FAX 81-52-753-9087
Google Map >>
Tokyo Branch
5F Kisukeuchikanda Bldg., 2-11-6, Uchikanda,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
TEL 81-3-3526-2607
FAX 81-52-753-9087
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